Saturday, June 7, 2008

Countdown to Cuba -- 8 more days to departure!

it's tough to believe -- i've been planning this journey since last november when a long time friend of mine, a nutritionist with an air canada employed husband who travels a lot, said she wants to get to cuba before fidel dies.  

my dad died last year, and there's nothing like that experience of loss to really drive home the fact that we are, indeed, mortal and all our days are numbered.  it's really important to make the best of what we've got, while we've got it.  i'll admit, there's a small part of me that believes we can live forever, and perhaps should live accordingly ... then again, life on this planet of increasing fascism (disguised as 'democracy') is not my preferred way of spending eternity ...

anyways, dad (bless his soul, i hope his next lifetime is being enjoyed in a place less cruel than this) left me with an opportunity and i decided, last november, to join the cuba caravan.  

it's going to be a busy final week.  after a morning of yoga and socializing at the farmer's market, i spent today's afternoon, a beautiful sunny saturday afternoon, putting the street newz together.  it goes to the printer on friday.  i also have a chiropractic appointment that day - friday the 13th.  luckily i'm not superstitious and i trust my chiro guy impeccably.  he's been an integral part of my post-bike crash healing.  i also have a massage appointment this week, a couple of yoga classes, and i've got to pick up some medicinal herbs from james - a wonderful young healer who's helping me move through the woman transition naturally.  

i've also got a dog to walk this week - charlie, a young golden retriever.  

charlie's folks are renovating, so i'll be in a house that's somewhat in a state of upheaval.  it'll be good preparation for the uncertainties and inconsistencies of the journey.  their jacuzzi tub is functional, thankfully, so my days this week will be about sitting in front of a computer, walking on the beach, doing the last minute travel things that need doing, and soaking in the tub before getting a good night's sleep on a memory foam mattress.  

for many, life's pretty good around here -- it's going to be a real eye opener to see how the folks in cuba live.  interestingly, after six months in mexico a decade ago, the culture shock that hit me upon my return to the excited states was much worse than what i experienced going into mexico.  it's unbelievable, how much stuff we have here in the 'first world.'  disgraceful, how much of it ends up in the landfills.  

i'll think of my dad when we attempt to cross the border on father's day.  

if you're in the vancouver/seattle area, we'll be at the peace arch border crossing on june 15th starting at approximately 11:30 am, and journeying across the (imaginary, colonialist) line sometime in the afternoon - after a celebratory musical send off.