Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Max's Blog Entry about Montana

After a 13 hour bus ride from Olympia I arrived in Missoula excited for an amazing Cuba Solidarity event that another caravanista organized. The event was extremely exciting with more than 75 young people coming to watch the movie "Bloqueo" and listening to an amazing local rock band Miller Creek. Good work, Katie.

After Missoula, two caravanistas were picked up by Montana Bob who drove us to his house in Bozeman, Montana. We watched the movie "Salud" and had delicious food cooked by Suzanne. The people that Bob and Suzanne invited were so moved by the movie "Salud" and this unjust and immoral blockade on Cuba that they all wanted to know how they could help out with the caravan.

The next morning, we left beautiful Montana to travel to Pocatello, Idaho to meet with the rest of the group coming from Boise, Idaho.

Thank you to the people of Montana for a great time and especially Bob and Suzanne who were such great hosts.