Thursday, June 26, 2008

Max's Poem

While I am in Vancouver, my home
I wonder what in my life is to come
I look at the DTES, Whalley, and the rest of them all
When the police beat up the poor, who do you call?
People living without food and no hope in sight,
the ruling class tries to destroy our fight

What has the world become thus far,
when people do not know who they are.
The government tries to kill their culture,
and they are just acting like a bunch of vultures.

Western world promotes inhumane actions,
they hope to be the winning faction.
But we will win because our ideas are stronger,
and people cannot stand it much longer.

Cuba is just a sample
of the necessary example
that we need for the rest of humanity
to fight this crazy insanity.

We do not have other choice
because this was put on us by force.
The fight needs to begin today
and I ain't got anything else to say.