Tuesday, July 15, 2008

about to commence blog updates .....

july 15, 5:47 am, @ the crappy little bus station in austin texas

photo: surviving heroes from the cuban revolution

cuba was amazing, incredible, inspiring. it's not perfect, but it offers esperanza (hope).

i've been away from my computer and offline for a week (what a wonderful change!) and will commence blog updates as time permits -- i've also got a newspaper to build, a mountain of email to sort through, and a long ago friend to visit with.

one thing i'll tell you starting right now ---- if it's possible, i want to participate in the 20th pastors for peace caravan, celebrating cuba's 50th anniversary. i'm going to start saving my pennies and organizing my time and, even if i'm unable to travel, i want to send goods. i hope you can help.