Monday, July 21, 2008

the cuban health system

click here for audio from the latin american school of medicine

as usual, pastors for peace representatives were greeted as honoured guests and treated to fresh juice and coffee after an introduction to the facility.

photos from the latin american school of medicine

(notice sabine's new glasses, attained after hers were stolen by an american in mexico, for $100 pesos or about $120 Cdn.)

photos from a poli-clinic (and the journey there - near the ancient city of trinidad in sancti spiritus province)

in cuba there are doctors in each neighbourhood, also poli-clinics where patients are referred if the doctor can't immediately help. this poli-clinic was very clean and the well-trained staff able to perform a number of tests (though their equipment is limited due to the 47 year old blockade imposed by the american government) and then send patients for a variety of therapies (including aromatherapy, yoga, and acupuncture) or refer people to specialists at nearby hospitals. all of this is free - paid for with tax money, received as part of a 'social services income' that also includes education through university. all cubans earn a very small cash income, distributed from their national government, but they have access to health services and schooling at no cost. there are no millionaires in cuba, but everyone has an opportunity to be healthy and educated.