Thursday, July 24, 2008

Old Havana and the Museum of the Revolution

click here for audio - hasta siempre, and stories about che and the revolution

photos of old havana, and the museum

on the very last day, those of us who had packed the night before had a spare few hours on our own. i rode the city bus (cuba has a bunch of new buses from china, perhaps that's one reason why they're not making any noise about that country's injustices, why they're going along with the olympics?) downtown with dan. he went to the art museum (which, he said, was fabulous) and i waited until 10 am for the museum of the revolution to open. the museum is housed in the former presidential palace of dictator fulgencio batista (rich capitalist, pro-gambling, pro-prostitution, didn't give a crap about the masses of illiterate, unhealthy people living in poverty). the museum was very interesting, lots of history from the revolution and from many decades preceding it, honouring those who inspired the revolution and created a climate in which it could succeed - though the red bull vending machine in the museum's lobby was a bit of a downer.

although i still don't believe that armed revolution is possible in today's world, this adventure to cuba has certainly inspired me to once again believe that the shift in consciousness that we activists hope for might actually happen before the world is swallowed by greed.f maybe.