Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Senior Centre in Havana

click here for photos of the senior centre

click here for an audio tour of the place

Other Caravanistas who visited different senior centres had really great things to report. To be honest, the one we went to was a bit depressing. Of course, anytime we're asked to ponder our own immortality, and the prospects that await us as we near the end of our lives, it's gonna be a bit depressing.

We drove through a neighbourhood that was, prior to the revolution, 'exclusive,' and past the Ernest Hemingway Marina, to a small building that has been reclaimed when illegal activities were found to be going on there.

The woman who offered the tour of this place was very energetic, enthusiastic, and obviously cared very much about the people she serves.

One elder woman wrote poetry the entire time we were there, and shared a number of her writings with us. Katie shared a fan and some stories with an elder man on the front porch. We commented, afterwards, that sometimes the prospect of assisted suicide is rather appealing. We asked Leonard, our Danish friend, if such a choice is offered in Denmark. Indeed, when one has reached the logical end of one's life in Denmark, there is a humane option for departure.