Wednesday, July 30, 2008

we're all gonna die

morning, july 29th, yuma arizona, somewhere near palm springs california - a sign out the window says san diego is 177 km

to my canadian brothers and sisters i say -- WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE !!!!

you know about the nafta, right, which brian mulroney signed into power with a minority government just prior to the collapse of his conservative party, after an election with nafta as its key issue and a very clear majority of canadians voted against it. well i voted against the nafta (can't recall which of the no to nafta parties i voted for) because of a clause i heard about that states -- canada will provide america with energy resources even before we meet our own needs.

i've been on this train, riding through desert, for 24 hours and there's a lot more ahead of us, and all around us. there are cities built on top of this desert, aquifers built to direct water to them, and they're living like there's no tomorrow. they're driving their cars, using up paper towels in the bathrooms, filing forests of paper in their offices, admiring their lucious green lawns, wimming in their swimming pools, and golfing on their greens.

unless we canadians can finally vote some representatives who will use the 6 month clause, give notice, and get us out of the definitely not fair trade agreement, we're all gonna die, and i expect it'll be a slow and agonizing end as we simultaneously freeze and starve to death. of course, if we refuse to continue to behave as th third world in denial, damming the rivers and cutting the trees and shipping it all south, they'll just bomb us like they do everyone else who tries to hold onto some semblance of sovereignty. it's clear that our neighbours to the south want to live as they've always lived, as they have a right to live, as god intended, with their eyes shut and their heads in the sand and dumpsters full and their engines idling.

so, whatever our illustrious leaders do, we're all gonna die, one way or the other.

as one of my favourite awakened americans, utah phillips, would say .... so long, it's been good to know ya.

ps - i see they've planted some wind turbines at palm springs ....