Friday, August 8, 2008

This Year's Journey to Cuba ....... Terminado y Acertado!

my 2008 cuba friendshipment journey with pastors for peace is now nearing its end. i'm in vancouver, arrived at 1:30 this morning and i guess it's time to sign off this blog until next year.

gotta say it was wonderful, especially the cuba part, and meeting all those socially concerned americans, temporarily immersing myself in my friends' lives, but i was sure glad to cross that border last night. i actually started getting a little choked up, when the border guy asked me 'where's home.' it's not perfect, my canada (the border guy looked a bit like omar khadr, i thought), it's built on theft and murder like most nation-states (some for the purposes of a peoples' revolution, some not so much), but it's not america (no offense to the peace makers). or so i keep hoping.

this morning i woke up at the home of yet another years-in-the-making friendship (bless these wonderful souls!) , watched a goofy old movie (the wheeler dealers), and read the paper while soaking in a hot tub. on the front page, beneath the celebration of the corporate olympic games (talk about theft and murder!), is the story of stephen harper (head of a minority government, elected with way less than 50% of the vote) and his love for destroying afghanistan and everything that lives there.

i opened my email. i'm going to publish correspondence i received from my palestinian journalist friend mohammed omer, and sign off this cuba journey blog until next year. all those hours on the train offered me an opportunity to rebuild my website so, if you're interested, you can stay connected there.

here's what omer wrote:

yes the money received- thanks! sorry, i have been to the hospital and in dire situations due to my injury after the assaults! I am sure you read about it, if not, I would send you the link: