Thursday, September 11, 2008

reconstructing the commons

the hurricane that collided with haiti, that also hit the pinko communist cuba, is getting money thrown at it. rather, the destruction from the hurricane is getting money thrown at it. in haiti. it's illegal, according to 47 years of american foreign policy, to throw money at anything cuban (except, according to some contraband rum and cigars).

now i'm the first one to admit that the embargo is a bad thing, and that cuba's not perfect, but at least they're not getting money thrown at their destruction. they can't leave, there's no escaping life on a tropic island in the middle of global warming season, and that can't be a good thing, but those cubanos won't be coca-colonized .... not just yet.

there's some communist pinko canadian who calls this form of capitalism, this throwing money at yourself and your rebuilding skills, the 'shock doctrine.' have you heard of that? can you say 'reconstruction profit'? what if those reconstructionists are also involved in the destruction?

perhaps momentarily you've heard about this, here and there, when we pinko commies conspiracy nuts aren't too distracted reconstructing our hacked websites (yes, is bug-ridden yet again).

so haiti gets money and cuba gets aid, 'cause the pastores para la paz, from nyc, are at it again. sending a mini caravan to cuba, with carpenters, and construction types and materials. probably some bc old growth, i dunno. it's everywhere. you're probably wiping your ass with it right now. damned communists.

would i, do i, condemn the cubans for wiping their asses with bc old growth you ask?!? from my experience, i'm willing to bet they've devised/maintained alternative technologies in that regard. they're educated people, and they shit from their assholes just like everyone else on the planet, if they're lucky, and they've been doing it for 47 years up against a big american hemhoroid called a 'trade embargo'. the americans did that sanction thing to the people of iraq, for a decade, before they sent the boys and girls over to do their dirty invasion (deconstruction) work. they call that one a 'war.'

you just can't understand what it is for a country to be unable to trade with other countries openly. i was in cuba this year, and i don't fully comprehend the blockade's implications either. i know that i admire the cubans' resolve, their survival instincts and tactics. they offer a good evolutionary alternative to those lords of the flies.

and you know it's strange, but as much as i love those cuban people and their socialist priority that allows everyone the right to die with a full set of teeth, it makes no sense why there is no tofu available for human consumption on their island. the farmers i spoke with said they feed tofu to los animales, which they then consume. there isn't even any tofu in havana's chinatown. i wonder if there are chinese restaurants at guantanamo bay? apparently there's a pizza hut that employs jamaicans ...

nothing is perfect. cuba doesn't have any tofu. guantanamo bay might not have any chinese food. haiti's getting money to rebuild. well ....... someone in haiti is getting money to do something or other. cuba's getting a bunch of hippie peacenik types (or not) who want to graciously accept humanitarian aid offerings from those who offer them and distribute those same goods and skilled workers to some others who will really appreciate the help.

you can check in with pastors for peace and their endless aid missions at their website. you probably won't hear about them much otherwise.

and, since the iweb site has been hacked/bugged again, i'm creating another blog. i don't know why. it amuses me.

god's chosen ones had just better hope the history books don't find that they're involved with directing those storms .....