Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Comprehensive Links List

here's a list of all the photos and videos i've uploaded from the 2009 caravan. for some reason the photos uploaded in reverse order, last to first. there's a lot more video that i'll be editing as time permits over the next while, i'll add the links to this edit. feel free to link to this site, to download and keep any of this stuff, or to pass the links along to friends.

i'm gonna put the 2009 caravan behind me now, and resume blogging at, as time permits.

hasta la victoria siempre!

Caravan Photos:

From Victoria BC to Seattle Washington

A free day in Seattle

Seattle to Missoula

Missoula Montana

Bozeman Montana

Pocatello Idaho

Salt Lake City Utah

Las Vegas Nevada

Pheonix Nevada

Silver City New Mexico

El Paso Texas

Preparations in McAllen Texas

Reynosa to Tampico - Crossing the border, hanging out in Reynosa, driving to Tampico, unloading the 115 tons of humanitarian aid into shipping containers until the wee hours

Photos from Havana

Morning in Tampico, Arriving in Havana, Press Conference with medical students at Casa de la Amistad
(audio file in the podcast section of, At the grad ceremony for ELAM (Latin American School of Medicine

Chatting with Cuban youth (audio file in the podcast section of, Lucius' Birthday at Casa de la Amistad / Hip Hop evening, Various photos of Havana, Lucius' Birthday at the William Carey Centre

Various Havana Photos - at ICAP, at the Salvadore Allende Health Centre, in hurricane bedraggled Old Havana, at the Biotech/GE centre (audio file in the podcast section of

A morning at a Cuban Beach (in the neighbourhood where travelling dignitaries, business people, eye operation clients, and Chernobyl victim survivors stay or live) and a visit to an urban garden in Havana

Photos from the Province of Matanzas

Havana's Malecon, Greeted by the Communist Party, Sunday Church, on the beach, some of Veradero's all-inclusives, pulling weeds at an urban garden

Bay of Pigs (audio file in the podcast section of

Leaving Havana via Canadian built airport (note Palestinian flag), Through Mexico, the Reverse Challenge crossing back into the USA


From 2008's Caravan Journey -- Eight Days in Cuba

Singing labour songs on the Ferry boat to the Canadian/USA border Peace Park

At the Canadian/USA border, singing a song written by the Raging Grannies

At the Canadian/USA border, Hasta Siempre

At the Canadian/USA border, my farewell

Caravan at Seattle Washington

In Montana, with former Caravanistas Susan and Bob

With the Brown Berets in Salt Lake City

Cuba/USA Solidarity Rally in Havana

Comida No Bombas !!!