Friday, December 30, 2011

planning for the 2012 caravan

it's been a couple of years since i participated on the caravan.  although it's a ton of work with a distinct lack of (or uncomfortable) sleep, it's such an incredible adventure.  in 2011 i went to the us/canada border to help send the caravanistas on their way, across the first of three international borders, and we were confronted with much resistance.  it took several hours to get the van and caravanistas across, and in the process a friend and i (both former caravanistas) definitely caught caravan fever.  we've made a pact to survive the 2012 journey, and today i bought a new sleeping pad (made in seattle) during the boxing week sales, in preparation for the adventure.

here's a video from the 2011 picnic at the peace arch park just south of vancouver, as the caravan prepared to cross into the usa: