Monday, June 16, 2008

it's still capitalism ....

that's what we're talking about now, as our caravanista meeting draws to an end.  i'm multi-tasking -- figured out how to publish photos to the mac gallery - click here if you're interested in those, and you can subscribe too which i expect will result in email notices of updates being provided.  

it's still capitalism, regardless of whoever gets elected.  obama or whoever might be interested in making big changes, but if you're living in the belly of the beast you're living in the belly of the beast.  the only way to really change that is to get out of the beast and have a look around at the alternatives - if there are any.

maybe that's why they don't want americans to travel to cuba?

there's an article in seattle's 'real change' street newspaper about evo morales, the indigenous president in bolivia.  he's busy nationalizing natural resources so the government can have some money that they can spend on social programs, rather than the corporatization scheme we see happening in british columbia and canada which is taking nationally owned enterprises (like bc hydro) and handing them over to private corporations so they can make all the money off the life-blood we all need to survive.