Monday, June 16, 2008

Mooros y Christianos (Beans & Rice)

after the seattle event tonight, after we were fed all manner of yummy potluck food (much of it edible by this happy vegan!), after the speechifying and the complex arranging of aid boxes so as to pack as much as possible into the little pick up truck (that will then transport said goods to the bus, which is moving ever closer to being mobile), after the goodbyes and the well wishes, after we were chauffered back to our billet where we found our new friends and their newly purchased used kayaks, after all of that hazel decided we ought to walk to the store for some beer. but the beer stores, which are so plentiful here in the land of plenty, are rather a distance from our temporary abode. no problem, ricardo said, i have beer in the fridge, and he showed me the budweiser. i explained that's not beer, and put the kettle on. hazel from england accepted one, surprisingly really considering the quality of beer in england, and she and ricardo proceeded to educate each other about the history of england and chile, maggie thatcher and augusto pinochet while valentina and i enjoyed a fake coffee made from root vegetables and checked our email in the next room.

here are some photos from the event.