Friday, June 27, 2008

Katie's Blog Entry from Silver City

So here we are, in high desert heaven, literally surrounded by all things good. Healing, healing, healing. Aloe plants in brightly colored pots, the blue, yellow, and reds of adobe buildings. We are all gathered on a back porch drinking coffees and expectorant tea. Thank you, Carol Morrison!! Some of us stayed in homes with llamas and foxes roaming in the yard, greenhouses and gardens, water collection operations, and solar panels hooked to the grid bringing in income. (Go William!) This morning a couple of us travelled to a coffee shop in the downtown. We were met with art galleries and stunning murals on the sides of buildings. The barrista was also the owner of the shop.

The event last night here in Silver City was a celebration not only of our journey but of life's. A group of three women sang, played guitar and drummed, celebrating the life-giving qualities of our earth, fire, air, and water. The whole thing was just a dream. And the view of the mountains, all national forest, inscribing the Unitarian Universalist Church . . . We are so thankful for the universe treating us so well and inviting this rest. The intellectual and spiritual support with which we were met here is such a treat. Nita spoke, sans film, so well. What are bastion of progressive thought, active minds, and healthy bodies.

Thank you Silver City, New Mexico! But, like they say in the Northwestern town I inhabit, "I wouldn't tell anyone about it, really. You wouldn't like it."