Friday, June 27, 2008

Silver City New Mexico

wow, what a wonderful place.  it's high (6000 ft elevation) and cool and with a wonderful bunch of unitarians and, it seems, other activists.

i was blessed with the opportunity to stay with ann last night, relegated here because i'm the sick one and ann had a bed in a separate room plus an adjoining bathroom with a tub, and she offered some wonderful eucalyptus/menthol rub for my chest.  nita's still a bit sick too, but i think the fact that i've got 20+ years on her makes the difference -- as much as i try to deny it, the aging process does take its toll.

last night was our largest event by far.  carol had organized a wonderful evening at the unitarian church and there were probably 25+ people who showed up for the potluck dinner and then some amazing music and rhythms from three local colourful women.  

we caravanistas want to truly thank all of the wonderful people who are making this journey so memorable!!!!  on to el paso .....