Wednesday, June 18, 2008

on the ferry to bremerton

happy birthday to me !!!!!!!

it was kinda sad to leave seattle .... valentina and roberto were so much fun! and today we got to meet the kids. gabriela and tina had lots of fun with the carnival mirror options in photo booth while we caravanistas got packed up and ready to hit the road.

we're now in bremerton, at a coffee shop near the dockyards where aircraft carriers are built and/or sent to kill people overseas so oil prices can ..... well, whatever it is that the oil corporations want them to do. there's an event here tonight, apparently there's a thriving little peace activist community, and i have no idea where we're staying. tomorrow we're off to olympia where there's something called media island which rick has created. friday we're in portland, then we head east.

here's a short, poorly edited interview with nita - our co-ordinator for this part of the caravan. (sorry -- i'm still trying to figure out how to edit with the new iphoto and camera ...)