Thursday, June 19, 2008

the unitarians!

it seems that there are lots of activist church groups here in washington, at least in the parts of the state that we caravanistas are visiting. i didn't get to the seattle tent city (i was selfishly enjoying walks along the lake) but it seems that 'real change' and others are working hard to take the city officials to task about their all talk no action tactics -- something not unfamiliar to many of us who work on poverty and homeless issues.

last night we had the opportunity to visit the beautiful bremerton unitarian social justice organization and their fabulous structure in the woods. i brought greetings from the socially aware and active unitarians on vancouver island, said i was sure they would want me to do that, and thanked them for the wonderful potluck birthday dinner they'd provided.

here are photos of the unitarian goods for cuba event.

after the dinner and speechifying, we were all encouraged to participate in the silent auction. there was a lovely colourful piece of cloth someone donated, brought originally from central america, and i put a bid of $10 on it. when i went to purchase it, after helping with clean up in the kitchen, my money was refused and i was wished a happy birthday and we were all sent on our way with excess food supplies and many well wishes for a safe journey.

i'm not really into the whole 'god' thing .... i believe there's something bigger than me, bigger than all of us, of which we are each a part but which none of us can control or ultimately understand .... but i sure do appreciate the spirit of compassion and generosity that can sometimes be found among the 'believers.'

today i was given a tour of olympia and their tent city. tom works with folks who suffer with various mental health challenges and offered to show me around. i bought him a small breakfast at the local food co-operative, and we were on our way.

another american tent city! this one organized and maintained by five different churches, working in cooperation, so that city ordinances are not violated. the tent city is forced to move every 90 days, and the five organizations are each offering up space for it.

here are photos of olympia's tent city, camp quixote.

if you want more information about camp quixote, call bill aresenmeyer at 360-534-0323 or selena kilmoyer at 360-951-0326.