Sunday, July 12, 2009

the brown berets of salt lake city

they're even more impressive than they were last year, if that's possible.

they met our bus at the designated place and time - the mestizo coffee house, owned by chicano artist ruby chacon who offers up a lovely meeting room at no charge. they took us to see the community permaculture organic garden they're creating in collaboration with a non-profit organization called tree utah. we sampled the dill, the currants, the peas, the apricosts. then they took us home and fed us - there were rice and beans which was great for me, and burritos with cheese that others enjoyed. i watched part of a latin american soccer match that only happens every four years. mexico and guadalupe were playing, in pheonix. now we're back at the mestizo learning about the brown berets, and the caravan to cuba.

the brown berets are very cool -- they're young, they're hip, they care, and they're making change!!! these folks are proud to be indigenous peoples of north america, turtle island. they're reaching back to their agrarian ancestral roots, teaching kids how to grow their own food and be proud of their culture. and they're doing this in a rather conservative zone. there's definitely hope for the future.

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Someday soon you'll be able to click here and see a short video of the Brown Beret/Tree Utah permaculture garden (not sure why uploading videos and is so time consuming here in Middle America).