Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Salt Lake City

it's 6:15 am in las vegas, and the internal fan on my computer is whirring. no doubt it'll be another 100+ degree day in the desert. as we drove here yesterday, from salt lake city where the surroundings are greener than usual for this time of year because of some lovely extra rainfall they received this spring (global climate change works in mysterious ways), we pondered whose idea it was to build - not just any city, but this city - in the middle of the desert. we know the mafia was involved, and some of the same ones who were kicked out of cuba. there's a certain sense of irony bringing the caravan to here, the anti-thesis of cuba, what cuba would likely be if no for their revolution.

lisa spoke most eloquently again last night about that place and the small crowd agreed - it's a violation of their basic human rights that americans are unable to travel there. i had spoken with lisa on the bus about the many wonderful canadians i know who visit, and then return year after year, all who told me they take an extra suitcase with gifts for our socialist cousins. those don't sound like the canadians i meet on the airplanes, lisa said. she visits cuba often, with her sister cities project, and has encountered those who, i suppose, measure success in terms of material aid. they stay in the all inclusives, and don't know that cuba has the highest literacy rate in the western world, one of the lowest infant mortality rates, that they ship doctors all over the world, many of whom are foreigners schooled at the latin america school of medicine. there are currently 100 americans studying to be holistic doctors, each receiving a free education plus a stipend, on the agreement that they return to the poor neighbourhoods they're from and help their brothers and sisters there.

we're off to pheonix today.

click here to hear a short segment abour our journey, and a lot more of interest from dahr jamail and robert party, on chris cook's gorilla radio show yesterday.